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Welcome to Archives Awareness Week 2020!

Presented by the Archives Association of British Columbia.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of BC’s Archives Awareness Week, and the 30th anniversary of the Archives Association of British Columbia, the AABC is pleased to share a week of activities and events focused on Archival Activism.

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Victoria McAuley
Secretary, AABC

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We value your support!

The Archives Association of BC relies on donations to put on free events like these, and provide bursaries to UBC iSchool students.

If you enjoyed Archives Awareness Week 2020 and would like to support the AABC’s work, click the box below to donate via our Canada Helps page.

Looking to Volunteer?

Join our group of passionate volunteers to help us put on events, manage our finances, plan our programs, edit our newsletter, and more!

Click the button below to reach out to AABC Secretary, Victoria McAuley.

Participation Guidelines:

The Archives Association of British Columbia aims to facilitate a safe space in which promotion of archival work, uplifting of colleagues, polite discussion, respect, learning, and fun are encouraged.

Users engaging in hate speech, slurs, bullying, and/or unsafe behaviour will be blocked by moderators.

– The AABC Executive